La Salita is a curatorial project dedicated to highlighting the work of emerging and established artists working across Latin America, and Latinx and immigrant artists working within the US. These artists' work brings a nuanced understanding of the socio-political and cultural production across their homelands, cultivating a place of discourse for a range of creative processes across the Americas.

La Salita hopes to function as a platform to promote and increase visibility for artists and cultural producers. Through a mix of "pop-up" style shows, cultural events, and long-term exhibitions, La Salita will foster new audiences and collectors for it's selected artists. Additionally, La Salita invites guest curators in an effort to engage dialogue and encourage constellations of artists working within New York, while fostering community among Latinx and other diaspora artists.

La Salita was founded in 2019 by cultural producer and educator, Elena Ketelsen González. Ketelsen González has worked at many cultural institutions across New York City, and frequently consults and presents on issues of equity for immigrant communities and Spanish language access across cultural spaces. Her curatorial practice is informed by this border thinking and focuses on cultivating connections and exploring intersections across homelands and diasporas.